About us is an online marketplace and shopping mall designed to empower anyone who has a plan to trade products outside the usual brick and mortar outlets in Zimbabwe. The idea for this site was conceived in Kyushu, Japan. It therefore combines the best of Japanese and Zimbabwean technologies and ideas. is for you, the small trader, the sole trader, the big retailer and anybody else who wishes to have a countrywide reach in Zimbabwe, and even beyond. Our aim is to empower people and deliver the best of convenience and advantages provided by the Internet with a drive to become Zimbabwe’s most profound Internet-based trading market-place.

Our site is not created for the tech-savvy to run their retail businesses. It’s a platform designed to enable 'ordinary people skilled in retail to open their own online shops and trade on this online platforms as sellers. Our marketplace brings the platform, traffic and expertise to empower even small-scale retailers to set up their businesses on the Internet.

For consumers and buyers, we send you onto a journey of the joy of discovery of the possibilities available through Internet shopping , and access to a large amount of productsand to create an environment where merchants and consumers can interact in the same way they might in a real-world marketplace, where transactions can be engaging, exciting, informative, and personal.

Our Technical Team

Our design, hosting, back-up and technical teams are based in Harare, Zimbabwe, and in Fukuoka, Japan. This is designed to ensure a seamless 24 hour shopping experience. Our team has extensive experience and knowhow in the e-commerce field. If you would like to send us feedback on our system, please drop us an email on

Our Operations Team

Our business operations, marketing and corporate service team is based in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. This is obviously to keep them close to the customer. If you would like to make any inquiry, please email us on You can also write to us via the contact us page.

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