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Searching for Products

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  • Navigate the category list

Browsing Product Information

  • The price of a product is listed and includes VAT and may or may not include shipping. It does not include international shipping fee and applicable customs duties
  • Confirm the product details by checking the product descriptions
  • Specify additional information like size, colour, etc. if necessary
  • Select the product quantity and add to the shopping cart

Verify and confirm the shopping list

  • Check the details of your shopping cart
  • Continue shopping or proceed to checkout to place your order


  • Sign in as either a member or a guest
  • Enter the required shipping information
  • Select shipping method
  • Confirm shipping address, billing address and payment information
  • Confirm your payment method and amount.
  • Place the order.
  • Where your order did not include shipping charges, reply to the store's email and accept the international shipping fee to have your order shipped.
  • Stay tuned! Your order will arrive soon


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