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Mambo Press is a Christian and Catholic Organisation that has a distinct past, present and future.

History of Mambo Press
Mambo Press started operations in 1958 under the name Catholic Mission Press. At that time, it was simply set to supply the literary needs of local catholic mission stations and schools. Even within the confines of this narrow scope, the press met a real need in providing the first meaningful translations of vernacular liturgical books and supplying vernacular readers for students. The establishment of the press coincided with a large expansion of mission schools of which the Catholic Church was managing the greatest proportion.

The change over from Catholic Mission Press to Mambo Press was more than just a change of name as, the new director, in 1962, drew up a new programme that redirected Mambo Press from being merely concerned with Catholic and liturgical literature to a broader vista of Christian humanism seen against the background of both traditional and modern Africa.

Independence in April 1980 ushered in a new social order in Zimbabwe and Mambo Press became fully committed to a publishing programme supporting a new cultural awareness and identity of a people so long suppressed as well as addressing the problems of reconstruction, in particular formal and informal education against a new social and Christian order.

Mambo Press in the 3rd Millenium
Mambo Press remains focused on its rich historical publishing philosophy and with therefore maintain a lavish publishing programme going forward.

To be a committed Christian organisation leading in the provision of total customer satisfaction in the publishing, printing, binding, and supply of educational, social, religious, cultural, and leisure literature through the integration of motivated and committed workforce, latest technology and up-to-date business systems.

-To promote spiritual, social and cultural values by providing essential and relevant reading and educational material.
-To achieve total customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services through the exploitation of the latest technological opportunities.
-To develop and maintain an efficient, effective and motivated workforce by supporting personal growth and development and
-To provide for societal well-being by sustaining organisational effectiveness and supply of quality products and services.

Our Values

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